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JAG Products, LLC                  

JAG Products, LLC began in 1998 as a small software development company. It quickly grew as its flagship product, ClinicTracker, rose in popularity. JAG has been meeting the needs of mental health clinics around its home state of New York state and throughout the world for over 11 years. During this time we have been commended for our exceptional service, and the premium we put on intuitive, effective, user-friendly software design. Our products are based on industry standards and can grow to meet your changing needs.

Other Products

ClinicTracker is a comprehensive clinic management system for mental health practices. ClinicTracker will streamline daily procedures, ensure governmental compliance, enhance clinic awareness, and foster a more enjoyable work environment. You can learn about ClinicTracker by clicking here:

ClinicTracker Connect

AlertTracker is a computer-based panic button and general notification system that will create a more unified and secure workplace. You can learn about AlertTracker by clicking here:


TestTracker is sophisticated web-based application that helps students analyze and improve their high-stakes test taking ability. TestTracker is brought to you by our sister company Test Taking Technologies, LLC. You can learn about TestTracker by clicking here:


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