Welcome to AlertTracker:
The Computer Based Panic Button and Notification System

What happens if someone in your office has an emergency behind closed doors? Maybe an employee is hurt or under duress. Or one of your staff needs assistance with a threatening patient. If the office isn't equipped with emergency panic buttons, you're in trouble. AlertTracker can be used across campus offices, class buildings, and dormitories. Any room that has a computer can utilize AlertTracker. Unfortunately, integrated personal alarm systems, while often ideal, are expensive, limited by transmitter range, and not available in many workplaces.

With AlertTracker, your computer network becomes an emergency response system. By simply hitting Control 911 on the keyboard, your name, phone number, and location information flash on all the computer screens connected to the system. Help can be on the way. You can even have the system send an urgent email to a security office. With AlertTracker, your employees know that they have at least one way of broadcasting a distress warning.

AlertTracker stays vigilant on all activated computers. It regularly sweeps the system to determine who's available to respond. The program also lets a user know if he or she is the only one on the system.

Although primarily intended as an panic notification system, AltertTracker also offers a simple method for sending immediate messages to all logged-in users or selected groups of users. Perhaps you would like to call an impromptu meeting with your staff. Rather than having to compose an email or locate a systems technician to send a message through the networking software, you simply type the message in AlertTracker's messaging box. With a press of a button, the message will flash on all active computers.

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